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Have you ever thought your gifts, talents and wisdom and the innate light that you carry are part of a larger picture in which you have a crucial part in unfolding the Divine Feminine on this planet? Come discover how you may already be a part of this larger picture. Whether you are a woman or a man, having a greater understanding affects you not only personally, but also how you may be of  greater planetary service. In this regard Catherine Ann over the years has offered a number of courses and events to facilitate people’s journey of discovery of who they are as great beings of light. For more information on each of the courses below click the link.

Melting the Mask, Keys to Unveiling Your Cosmic Being Workshop

Seeding the Light Events

Initiation into the Magdalene Mysteries Workshops

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Claim Your Unique Brilliance

By Catherine Ann Clemett

Claiming your unique brilliance is one of the core processes in the Initiation into the Magdalene Mysteries workshops. This free article on ‘Claiming Your Unique Brilliance’ helps you to understand first of all, that each of you has an innate unique gift that is part of your soul and part of your service to the world. Claiming more fully your innate gift, that quality or characteristic you just naturally exhibit when you are most authentically being yourself, also helps you to come into greater clarity about your Divine Purpose and how you can make an even greater difference on the planet in these times. Click the link below to download the report to your computer.

Free Claim Your Unique Brilliance Report

I so resonated with Jim Carrey’s video which is basically about the light within us and how we all need to share our Unique Brilliance that I have included it here. In the video, Jim Carey shares his ‘unique brilliance’.

“Saying YES to situations and opportunities often

helps you step over the threshold into new vistas,

directions and ways you can expand yourself..

~ Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother