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Magdalene Grid Activations and Gaia Global Grid Activations were opportunities to assist in the awakening of planetary grids in service to humanity and the planet through the ascension process and shift of conscious we are undergoing right now. Many of us dedicated to spiritual awakening and bringing forth the voice and power of the Divine Feminine within us, are part of the Magdalene Order For nine of the seventeen Magdalene Grid Activations were called to come together and reconnect in a unified field to facilitate this awakening of planetary and personal grids in service to all life. Dormant Magdalene planetary grids are now re-awakened and activated in both individuals and in Mother Earth by those of us and others who have held the codes for this cosmic unfolding for eons. The Magdalenes (both women and men) are still being called forth to serve as the transmitters, in a sense the acupuncture needles fine tuning the  new grids on the Magdalene Grid Activation points listed. Other Gaia Global Grid Actions are now taking place around the globe raising the mass consciousness awareness and frequency in many areas which connect to the numerous locations primary Magdalene Grids already activated. In this way we continue to serve as the link connecting the Magdalene grid of the planet with the newly completed Christ grid surrounding the planet – thus assisting in the macrocosmic interlocking frequencies of the twin-flame Christ-Magdalene planetary codes so that all life on earth is awakened.  Each location of the activated Magdalene Grids corresponded to a particular body part. A  chart of the already activated Magdalene planetary grids is below.

To view channeled messages about the Grid Activations and access to the video of the Ephesus, Turkey Magdalene Grid Activation please scroll down the page.

Revised Info Regarding Magdalene Global Grid Activation Schedule

As the energies keep shifting it has become known that all the Magdalene Grids are now fully activated so there is no need for initial activation of the remaining grids as originally planned. There may be new opportunities coming up to further the portal openings and dimensional shifts in various locations. Possible future portal openings and tours will be announced as they come into possible manifestation.

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Body Part Correlation


South Africa






Mongolian Desert






Abadiania, Brazil

Arms / Wings


2-Part/Zion National Park, UT, USA & Varanasi, India

Lower Chakras

Oct 26th - Nov 6th, 2017

Israel Tour

Portal Opening


Banff, Albert, Canada



Chaco Canyon, NM


February 14-23, 2015

Maui, HI, USA

Hips / Shoulders

October 29 - November 11, 2014

 Ephesus, Turkey


December 3-14, 2013

Valley of the Queens, Egypt

Third Eye

 August 5-11, 2013

 Crestone, CO, USA


 May 14 - 26, 2013

 Melbourne, Uluru, and

Cairns, Australia

Crown Chakra

October 10-20, 2012

Isle of Man, UK


September 26 - October 5, 2012

Fortingall, Scotland, UK

 Stomach / Gut

November 12-15, 2011

St. Marie la Mer, France

Throat / Voice

November 8-11, 2011

  Lourdes, France


Lake Moraine

Upcoming Banff, Alberta, Canada

Magdalene Grid Activation

September 2017

11/11/14  The Ephesus Turkey Magdalene Grid Activation

Message from Mother Mary

Beloved strands of my heart for that is what you are. You each have come here either in your light bodies or your physical bodies to my home in Ephesus for I have invited you here. You are the ones who responded to the call. More were called but did not heed the signal.

This land of Turkey has seen much heartache and the land has suffered through many years of the patriarchal system. You have reconnected the Magdalene Grid lines allowing a deep, powerful and beautiful energy to be released. I, Mother Mary and the ancient ones from Turkey, would like to express our eternal gratitude for the Activation of the Magdalene Grid here. The sweetness felt for this energy reawakened along with what it did for Mother Earth, cannot be expressed through human words, only through light language. You have walked upon the land that I called sacred, where I chose to spend the last years of my life before my ascension. You came to pick up the codes and energy deeply embedded by me and my Magdalene brothers and sisters into the land here and the etheric planes both within and above the earth plane in this area now known to you as Turkey.  Your presence as Magdalenes and as strands of my heart has reawakened the energy of the Christ-Magdalene seeded in Ephesus so that all Magdalenes may once again bring forth the work of ushering in the new Earth which we Magdalene-Essenes seeded long ago. It is your turn now.


I, all the Magdalenes, the Councils of Light, and your own team of unseen assistance are with you every step of the way. We humbly are in gratitude to you for your willingness, your devotion and your dedication to serve the Mother/Father God. May your life and journeys in this world and this lifetime, be blessed. Go forth and be the inspiration to your upcoming generations just as we have been to generations for eons past. What you will do will influence mankind not only on this planet but into the far reaches of the galaxy. And you will be known in an even far greater way than we've been known. Go in peace. Go in love. Go united in the one heart of God/Goddess, all that is. I look forward to personally greeting you when you return home here to the 'other’ side' as you call it.  


Mother Mary and the Magdalenes

Magdalene Planetary and Gaia Global Grid Activations

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11/11/11  Lourdes, France Message

You Magdalenes are the heart of my heart as is all of humanity. You are my precious gems of mobile nature and infinite reach conduits and mirrors of the great Source. Today my heart is awakened anew in oneness reflecting the 1:1 oneness in the sacred three (11/11/11), polarity unified in the Beloved.

The heart activation surrounding Lourdes brings the energy of the Holy Mother, the Magdalene to the hearts within all mankind, all animals, all fish, all insects, all minerals, all elements; all beings within and without – the grand mirrors of the ONE. This is the ancient wave of divine expression and experience carried in all three time-space continuums, anchored, reawakened and manifested once again. My deep gratitude to you my Beloveds for facilitating as the catalysts and awakeners for all of humanity. My heart is your heart. You have blessed my body and yours.


Mother Earth, the Magdalenes, and the Hosts of Heaven

11/15/11 St. Marie La Mer, France Message

Blessed are you Magdalenes who once again are awakening to your true nature and purpose.  You carry deep within you the codes of awakening to everlasting life – divinity remembered.  Your voices and your very presence weave the harmonies of the heavens with the melody of Mother Earth so that the song of Source emanating from within is heard and recognized by all once again.

You are keepers and conduits of this harmonic wave of response and remembrance. It is the pulse and the heartbeat of the Grail. Blessed are you the Magdalene ? of the Holy Grail who elicit the song of source once again so that all of this world and all within the universe my recognize and know themselves as ONE yet again. You are the catalysts, the awakeners, the harbingers. We honor you greatly for your dedicated souls, your pure hearts and your perseverance in this mighty work.


Mother Earth, The Magdalenes, and the Hosts of Heaven

Magdalene Grid Activation Messages

Below are messages for participants in Magdalene Grid Activations which were received through Catherine Ann Clemett. Only some of the messages are included here.

10/5/12  Fortingall, Scotland Activation Message

You blessed souls, hearts of our one heart, have carried forth the codes of magic and mystery long forgotten and cast aside, onto your plane into resonance with the land, sky, the elements and the nature kingdoms once more. New awareness and pathways are now reawakened because of you. Your willingness and your presence have moved mountains of resistance of ignorance, despair and disconnection so that an order of balance is now restored upon your plane. You have been the conduits and midwives of a great Cosmic alignment, much more far reaching than you know. We honor, acknowledge and humbly bow before each of you in gratitude for the grand work that you have facilitated. We just want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate your dedication, your participation, your love and energy which has allowed this Fortingall Activation to take hold in a powerful way. Know we walk with you. We whisper to you and we sing of you in the heavens for you are so precious to us and to all life.


Adonai – the Magdalenes

10/20/12  Isle of Man Magdalene Grid Activation Message

We come from deep within your souls, deep within the Christ – Magdalene matrix so that new life, new ways and new understandings may blossom forth, for it is time. The blossoming is coming forth through you – you who have heard our call and responded to our plea. You are the harbingers of peace. You have willingly awakened the Christ - Magdalene matrix – the codes of oneness within you and within the land. We bless and honor each one of you for the grand awakening you have facilitated on the Isle of Man ushering forth the rise and resurgence of the divine masculine so that the divine bridegroom and the divine bride may now weave their sacred and blessed union within souls, within all hearts and within all kingdoms of the land.

Even though there may be turmoil and upheaval, know that this is part of the letting–go process releasing the old structures, conditions and energy that no longer serve so that new growth and inspiration may emerge more fully. You have all been instrumental in anchoring the paradigm for this new growth. Know that you are our very heart and soul. You are our extensions in physicality. You are our footsteps upon the sweet earth and our unified heart, collective mind and instrument of change upon your plane. There are no words that express how much we love and honor you for your service and commitment. We bless you this moment and into forever…   


The Magdalenes

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Within this clarion call is an invitation to awaken

and Enter  into the embrace of the Mother Divine

and the Beloved Father who sent her.”

~ From Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes