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The Total St. Germain Experience

Catherine Ann Clemett and Leila Bronson briefly channeled St Germain simultaneously until some medical challenges for Leila prevented them from continuing with this joint form of channeling. Channeling in tandem this way, brought in both the masculine and feminine polarities of St. Germain in a powerful way more than one person channeling alone.

Leila Bronson. . .

Leila Bronson has been a channel for St. Germain and Chief Joseph for the past 15 years mostly in the Pacific Northwest.  As a teacher and healer with crystals, touch and color for the past 40 years, she has studied all aspects of metaphysics with the help of her spirit guide, Mathew.  She is a renowned reader and alchemist of Atlantean Rejuvenation work with crystals.

Catherine Ann Clemett. . .

Is an international author, speaker, channel and workshop leader. For the past few years Catherine Ann has channeled Archangel Alariel, the Magdalene Order, and St. Germain. Besides being an author, Catherine Ann also travels the globe facilitating groups in activations of Feminine Magdalene Grid lines throughout the planet. Catherine Ann is certified in hypnotherapy, shadow work and past-life regression as well as many other healing modalities.

Read Catherine Ann’s Channeling of St. Germain and the Hosts of Heaven



“Take whatever feels right and leave what does not…

always appreciating that you have the indwelling spirit

that guides your life and supports the soulful legacy

that brought you here to our beautiful earth.

~ What Every Human Must Know

to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth

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The Shift CD or MP3

St. Germain (the male polarity through Leila Bronson) offers information on the shift that we are all experiencing at this time helping people to understand what is happening to them. He also talks about raising the vibration which is crucial for us as the moment. During the channelings Catherine Ann Clemett is carrying the energy of the female polarity of St. Germain. St. Germain asked her to tune into potential audience members and ask questions they would want to know. Also included is a meditation on the shift led by Catherine Ann channeling the female polarity aspect of St. Germain.

Cost: $10

The Shift MP3 Downloads (4 tracks)

The Shift CD (4 tracks)

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Personal Channelings/Healing Sessions with Catherine Ann

Experience a private channeling/Healing Session with Catherine Ann Clemett channeling the Sacred Councils of Light, the Hosts of Heaven and St. Germain. To schedule an appointment call 401-566-4594.

30 minutes Session  $55



60 minutes Session  $100