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“It has been almost seven years since I experienced an amazing breakthrough while Catherine Ann was working with me.  At the time I knew what I experienced was big, but not how much it would change my life.  Thanks to Catherine Ann, I was able to see that I had a disconnect with the Divine and actually watched as that disconnect was healed.  You can only imagine, I'm sure, what a profound difference that made in the way I thought about myself and life in general.  Since that amazing moment my life took off like a rocket. I sold my home, quit my job, and moved to a small community to take care of the love of my life.  I got freed up to live my life fully! Catherine's work has been the most significant work I have ever done! I remain eternally grateful.” ~ Mary Jo S., Certified Spiritual Counselor, Sutherlin, OR.

“When I took the relationship class with Catherine Ann I was dating once or twice a week.  Most of the gentlemen I met were so far from what I was looking for in a partner that it was difficult to make even a social connection.  I took the Authentic Love class towards the end of May of last year.  June 4th I got an email from someone on an Internet dating site.  The letter was well written. It was obvious that he had put a lot of time into what he wanted to say. I went to the site to see his profile.  He was bald, wearing a flannel shirt, and didn't look like a person I would usually go out with. I told myself I should just meet him even though he was not my type. I wrote back and we had our first date later in the week.  We were truly magnetized to each other.  The energy was so calming and comforting. We had so much in common that we talked for over three hours and we still didn't want to leave!  We now live together. We are engaged and plan to get married next year.  I would definitely say that this class made a difference.  I was setting myself up for failure by choosing to date people I thought were my type and not seeing the ones that really were good for me.  Based on results, this class really helped me make that internal adjustment.” ~Tami D., Las Vegas, NV

I have been permanently healed through your remarkable energy healing/coaching session regarding my mother. God bless you! You are a gift to my life.” ~ Linda S, Medina, OH

“Your confidence, adept listening skills, and strongly held focus helped me recognize my patterns, be more fully present, and use the wisdom I've gained to make better decisions in my daily life.” ~ Teresa F. (Portland, OR)

“Your humility, honesty, and presence create safety for me to journey where ever I need to go. You present ‘what is’ and then help me find other perspectives on it. With loving support you help me step out of my victim mode so I can feel my power.“ ~ Susie R. (Portland, OR)

Sessions with Catherine Ann Clemett Testimonials

“Ms. Clemett is a no nonsense past-life regression therapist who with compassion and patience gets to the core of the matter with the precision of a master surgeon. She is “clean and accomplished,” loaded with life altering expertise and absent of any negative ego; simply a rarity in skill.” ~ Dr. Robert K. DC, (Palo Alto, CA)

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"Be Unto Yourself and Others a Giant Beacon of Light"

~ Magdalene Order channeled through Catherine Ann  Clemett

“Your work is expansive. I felt bigger, greater, and more aware of my spiritual body. I became deeply aware of my connection with the planet and my importance in it. I felt like I was floating. When you asked me to experience energy that was "like the color of orange sherbet", I felt intensely feminine. I use that color again and again to bring grace and beauty into my life. Thank you!” ~ Anne B., Sedona, AZ

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