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Transmuting Through the Sacred Heart Meditation is the powerful “Breath of Oneness Meditation” of Yeshua’s from Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett. This is Yeshua’s (Jesus’) offering to you to meet him as a dear friend. In this meditation Yeshua assists you to move beyond any tension, weariness, pain or suffering you may be experiencing in your body, mind, or spirit as he invites you to transmute it through the crucible of his sacred heart. He helps you to remember and access the Christ within and the great peace, light and infinite love that resides in your own heart.

Engaging with Yeshua (Jesus) in this meditation, offers a rare and extraordinary opportunity for a blending and communication with this great Master of Light and Ascension. Yeshua is not separate nor distant from you. He exists within you. He invites you to release your pain and challenges through merging with his sacred heart as he invites you to come into his arms, to know the presence of Love. No matter your beliefs, your religion, or your opinion about your worthiness, he invites you  to call him forth so transformation may occur.

Downloads include two MP3 audio files. The first download is the introduction to Yeshua’s “Breath of Oneness Meditation” . The second download is the actual meditation.

                       Price: $5.99     MP3 Download