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We all know about the Christ, but the Magdalene aspect is just now being remembered. Yeshua (Jesus), through his initiations, laid down a trail of light for all souls throughout time. In this, he was supported by adept initiates, men and women, known as the Magdalenes. Now the Magdalenes have returned to earth to expand this “trail of light”. Many of you in your past lives were not only those initiates in Yeshua’s time, but are currently present-day Magdalenes. Connect with other like-minded souls gathering insight, discovery and soul reconnection. In this workshop you’ll…

Re-ignite your path and power as a Magdalene Initiate

Currently there are no Initiation into the Magdalene Mysteries Workshops scheduled.

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Initiation into the Magdalene Mysteries 2-Day Workshop Testimonials

“In this season of gratitude and appreciation I want to say "thank you" for facilitating my return home to the Magdalene's! What a heartfelt joy to come back ----bless you for facilitating this remembrance for us. We had a great time with you and your workshop was just wonderful. I have not attended a good old fashion workshop like this for a longtime. Not since Star Wolf''s  or Anga 's Goddess workshops. “ ~ Celeste S. (Bronx, NY) 11/25/15

“It was such a blessing to participate in the Magdalene workshop. I loved hearing more about the Magdalenes and how the books came to be.  By the time I came home, some things had really opened up and healing came forth.  Partnering for the affirmations was amazing. It was really moving being able to call on another partner from beyond the veil and experience who showed up.  The last day’s initiation though was definitely the highlight for me.  I’ll always remember the card I chose, and thanks to your recording, the blessing which every day serves as a reminder of the help that is always available.” ~ Krista . (Redlands, CA) 10/5/15

“I attended the Initiation into the Magdalene Mysteries Workshop in Austin, Texas in September, 2015.  This was truly an amazing experience.  If you are on the path of spiritual awakening and want to take your awakening to the next level, I would definitely attend this workshop.  Catherine Ann is such an impressive resource who selflessly guides each attendee along their unique path to enlightenment.  The group of participants were all beautiful spirits who enhanced the experience.  If you have not read the “Anna” books I also highly recommend reading them.  The message and energy will open up your heart and understanding of what it means to be a Magdalene and how that applies to us in the now.”  ~ Jean K. (Maui, HI ) 9/23/15

“The workshop was so soothing to my Soul! I found friends of like mind and heart as I shine light into the darkness! Love you my precious Catherine Ann!” ~ Debbie R. (Leander, TX) 10/23/15

“Thank you Catherine for the Magdalenes Gathering at Ellerslie Auckland. It was the most beautiful two day workshop I have been to...I've been to a lot! Catherine's energy brought a beautiful group of gentle souls together. It is hard to explain the alchemy that took place. It's now a month after the experience and while I still cannot explain it in words, I DO feel  changed on a fundamental level. The change has to do with feeling a foundation of 'fluid solidity' beneath me, similar to how I view a waterfall, fluid yet also looks solid. I really do see this truth now. Every part of all I see, feel, taste and touch is full of importance. Nothing is random. Everything is alive and flows with the power of is-ness. If the Order of the Magdalenes calls, you will be there with your sisters and brothers, among the family of Yeshua de la rosa and Maria de la rosa. Our beautiful Rose Line. ~ Denise R. (Awanui New Zealand/Aotearoa) 7/10/13

“I can’t thank you both enough for the journeying all the way to Western Australia. That was the best workshop I ever attended. I truly loved the venue and all the attendees were just perfect to enhance the beautiful energy which you brought forth in that unified womb of creation which is how I experienced my time with you. I experienced so many joyous, connected moments over those two day and enjoyed each segment of the workshops you created. I especially enjoyed your warmth, love, equanimity with all, openness and sharing of your own journey. My own experience was jam packed full of visions of Christ and other wonderful revelations. – most unusual for me as for 30 years I have embraced my wonderful Guru and God Sathya Sai Baba. Even since the workshop, Christ has shown me he is still walking with me. I kept seeing the very strongest ‘gold’ and ‘purple’ and sometimes ‘violet’ energies all around us. In the past ‘gold’ has meant Christ Consciousness energy and the ‘Violet’ St. Germain. As sound has been so important to me always, I was blown away by the wonderful devotion I witnessed when Gila sang. I truly appreciated the depths to which I was taken through this medium. My experience of Kundalini Rising during Gila’s “Song of Songs” was absolutely mammoth. I truly thought I might “take off” to realms unknown. It was so wonderful to feel comfortable enough with both of you to speak with you during the morning tea and lunch breaks. I can’t thank you enough for having created yourselves as being so approachable to all. I would wholeheartedly recommend people to your workshops as being an opportunity to open themselves to a wonderful energy of loving devotion and helpful discovery of you we are. Both your gifts, knowledge and loving personalities are the perfect support one needs to assist one’s own journey. Love you both and being in your presence. ~ Janaka R. (Yalingup, Western Australia) 5/7/13

“I would like to thank Catherine Ann for the workshop that took place in Mundaring a couple of weeks ago.  Although I didn’t participate in the workshop itself, I felt very strongly the healing energy that was emanating from those that were participating. My understanding is that we cannot always be physically present at the different workshops that are presented to us, but we can still tune in and feel the energy that is being transmitted.  On the Sunday night of that weekend I was shown the difference between the  love that was being given to me in that moment from a man who is new in my life, to the man I had been married to for over 35 years and who had passed on 3 years ago. The difference being that I felt loved and honoured by the man that is in my life now. Arian Age(old energy) and the Placedian Age (now energy). My daughter also had healing with her father/daughter relationship. Many thanks to those who step out of their comfort zone and present what Spirit has to offer.” ~ Jen T. (Gidgegannup, Western, Australia) 4/28/13

This was an amazing experience of a deepening of my soul. So much was confirmed to me as i activated my Mary Magdalene grid within me. That evening I went home and slept, I was woken up for 3 hours whilst a new change over of guides came through where I was given my higher self future name. There was reclaiming of a very old familiar energy that has always been a part of my essence. Energetically I now feel more connection to the earth, the this stream line of energetic patterns with Magdalene's, our group is now meeting each month to share and rejoice our heart callings. The energy experienced in this workshop has changed old ways and renewed my being into more blissful, present and sustaining consciousness. Catherine and Gila were amazing, and seemed like lost old friends to me, having a heavy heart when they left. If you resonate with any Magdalene or this ancient time, i suggest this workshop is for seems to lift you to another frequency.” ~ Jacke E. (Central Coast Australia)  4/20/13

“In September 2012, we brought Catherine Ann to our Spiritual Renaissance Center, here in Maine, USA, to offer a Magdalene Workshop. It was a beautiful, healing and powerful workshop for all participants. In this workshop, I felt a deep remembrance from past-lives awaken within me and had such a strong feeling that I had truly returned to my spiritual home as a Madgalene. It was so profound and healing for me and every word, meditation and activation deeply resonated in my heart and soul. I highly recommend this workshop for any one who's heart is awakening to the Magdalene energies. To these workshops, Catherine Ann brings her heart wisdom about the Magdalene that she has gained from years of her own personal life-journey as a Magdalene, and from her connection with Claire Heartsong, who is a channel for Anna, mother of Mother Mary and grandmother of Yeshua.” ~ Deborah T. (South Portland, ME) 1/20/13

"Thank you so much for having the courage to share your truth through the Magdalene Consciousness workshop in Lake Arrowhead last Sunday. Words cannot express my gratitude. What you and Gila shared caused a deep and profound shift through my entire being. I have to admit, I thought I would not connect with the Magdalene Consciousness because I thought it would be more religion based and I feel a great sadness about the pain most organized religions have caused throughout history. To say you are a catalyst for awakening is putting it mildly. I have attended many workshops and they usually leave me feeling inspired for about 24 hours but it is now 4 days since the workshop and the sense of heightened awareness, insight, knowing, and joy has been increasing everyday. You are such a gift, thank you." ~ Kimberly E. (Lake Arrowhead, CA) 7/19/12

"Thank you so much for the fabulous Awaken to Your Divine Feminine - Embrace the Heart of the Magdalene Consciousness Workshop you did recently in Lake Arrowhead, CA. It was a life changing experience for me. Having had a lifelong, difficult relationship with my mother, I experienced a deep healing and forgiveness, which I'm still enjoying today. Imagine my surprise when she appeared to me from the other side ensconced in light telling me she had always been a Magdalene and our relationship on this earth had been for my growth and spiritual development. I will be eternally grateful to you for bringing this deep and moving experience to me and to my community and I am so glad I attended. It was one of the most powerful and healing workshops I have ever attended." ~ Mary D. (Blue Jay, CA) 7/19/12

"The workshop revelatory. I gained new knowledge about our role in this time, things that daily help me flip a viewpoint or an unwanted vibration trying to take hold. The personal grid activation had me buzzing for days afterward. I'm hoping to be able to travel on one of your planetary grid activation tours. We'll see. :) In the meantime, please accept my gratitude for the space you created for the wisdom to come forth and for the activation." ~ Melissa B. (San Jose, CA) 6/20/12

“I attended your Magdalene workshop last December at the East West bookstore in Mountain View.  At that time I received a huge gift from the Magadalenes and my higher Self. I was so blown open by what occurred after our simple ceremony at the rear of the store, that I left quite abruptly so as to anchor and incorporate what had happened in my Being. I have wanted to write and tell you about it for a long time. I am not going to go into it in detail right now, but it is alive and living in my consciousness and it serves as a constant reminder of gratitude for the work. ~ Victoria F. (Sebastopol, CA) 9/18/11

“Hi Catherine Ann, thank you so much again for our amazing weekend together here in NZ.  I experienced so many things that weekend and wanted to say thank you all over again!  I purchased both books and am reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus at the moment. I didn't make it past the forward before I started having insights, downloads and basically cried for a day. Connecting with the people I met at the weekend also has been so lovely.  I hope you return trip home went well and that you are receiving blessings and no doubt are still continuing to catalyze awakening!”


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Initiation into the Magdalene Mysteries Workshop

“Within this clarion call is an invitation to awaken

and Enter  into the embrace of the Mother Divine

and the Beloved Father who sent her.”

~ From Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes