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Setting Your Daily Light Field Meditation by Catherine Ann Clemett is one of the meditations she leads during the Initiation into the Magdalene Mysteries workshops.  This meditation assists you to clear and release any intruding energy into your body or energy fields helping you to focus on and expand your own light. A process is given to you to set your light field for the day assisting you in not only having protection from lower frequency energies, but also aiding you to send forth light for all that you intend during the day.

As the ascension energies of the planet continue to rise and as things become more chaotic and unpredictable in the world, many people are becoming so triggered they are having melt-downs. Many are becoming somewhat unstable, as evidenced by the increasing preponderance of shootings in the news. More than ever it is imperative that we light workers and people on the path of awakening, make a conscious choice to not only clear our own dramas and traumas, as well as expand, intensify and anchor our light. It is crucial that we  and do everything we can to not take on others’s low frequency vibrations and energy which many of us, who are natural empaths, tend to unconsciously do. We then wonder what is wrong when we have taken on ‘stuff’ that is  not ours.

Doing this meditation and deliberately setting ‘your daily light field’ creates a high frequency bubble of protection and light around you as you go through your day so you no longer are apt to take on low frequency and energies that are ‘not your’. I do this meditation everyday and realize it has made a profound difference in my life.


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