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Catalyze Awakening

We are in the initial stages of building a Community of Light Workers, healers, spiritual teachers, channels, shamans, present-day Magdalenes and those people awakening to who they are as Cosmic beings of lights here to assist in the Shift of Consciousness.

In developing this community we will be reaching out to you to invite you to share experiences, stories of awakening, finding your soul purpose, or whatever remarkable stories, unfolding events of inspired occurrences you wish to share. We also will be open to sharing links from your websites if they are in line with the mission partnering with divinity. Inquires about adding your website links to our site, or sharing of stories, experiences or inspiration can be submitted on the ‘Comments or Questions’ form on the Contact page.

Much more information will be forthcoming as this develops and unfolds. To be apprised of upcoming information and changes please make sure you have joined or are already part of the mailing list for Catherine Ann Clemett

If you need to join you can fill in the form on the Home Page. We look forward to building a wonderful community of not only like-minded souls but those that are ready to work with and assist each other in stepping forward with all of our gifts, talents, and insights that have been waiting for this time for us to be of greater service.

Looking forward to having you be part of this unfolding adventure.


Catherine Ann Clemett

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“We are being asked to step up, to do our part to

end the game of separation which is the

path of our personal alchemy.”

~ From Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother