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Magdalene Planetary Grid Activations Commenced

November 2011

As I mentioned, I’ve known for a while that I was to do workshops in the US as well as France and Australia. I have also already conferred with a friend who leads tours in Egypt to co-lead a tour of various temples along the Nile where the initiates, in Anna’s time, were trained - each temple representing mastery of a particular chakra. Claire channeled Anna (the grandmother of Jesus) in a workshop in 2006 in Seattle taking us on an inner journey of the initiations conducted in these temples on the Nile. Our intent in designing the 2012 Egypt trip is to actually go to the temples that Anna took us to on this inner journey however, a much larger picture and purpose has unfolded.

What came forth is it’s now time for the Magdalenes (many of you) to activate dormant Magdalene grids within the planet.  Many of you are aware that the new Christ Grid surrounding the planet is now complete. However there are Magdalene grids now to be re-activated in Mother Earth. It is in a sense planetary acupuncture so the new energy emerging through the shift of consciousness that we are in has an ability to be anchored. In this time period of increasing chaos in individual’s lives, as well as on the planet with extreme weather, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, etc., there is a cracking happening both in individual’s lives as well as upon the earth itself. It is a cracking of the old paradigm, in a sense, the cracking of the ego so a greater opening to spirit can be accessed and anchored onto the planet which in turn will create the opening for the new templates, systems, products and information to really take root in our world.

The Magdalenes (us – both women and men) are now being called forth to serve as the transmitters, in a sense to be the acupuncture needles on the global activation points listed here. In this way we, as Magdalenes, serve as the midwives of the new consciousness being birthed. We also serve as the link for connecting the Magdalene grid of the planet with the newly completed Christ grid surrounding the planet – thus assisting in activating the macrocosmic interlocking frequencies of the twin-flame Christ-Magdalene planetary codes so all life on earth is awakened.  

As this larger picture unfolded it became clear that the Magdalene workshops were not only for gaining a greater understanding of the Magdalene Order, ourselves as Magdalenes, and for activating our personal Magdalene Grid; but also for receiving the preparation and fine-tuning we need to be the conduits for the planetary activation points. I was clearly informed that people who wish to participate in the Grid Activations must participate in a preparation process (included in the Magdalene Grid Activation tours)  to attune, step-up their frequency and create a group field in order to fully and safely serve as the conduits for the different planetary activation points. Each location to be activated over the next eleven years corresponds to a particular body part. The first activation happened on 11-11-11 near Lourdes France which corresponds to the heart. I was instructed to visit Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Somerset, England to get water from the White Spring to bring to all the subsequent activation sites. This is the plan as of now, however, portions of the timing and/or specific locations may shift with further fine-tuning.

St. Germain and the Hosts of Heaven

Channeled Through Catherine Ann Clemett

Wednesday January 28, 2004

We wish to come to you today, me and my council, to wish you God speed and an easy transition into your new life that you are all creating collectively here upon your beloved Mother Earth. It is indeed a great time upon your planet and a great time for all who are waking up and choosing to consciously evolve in their understanding of light and of living a soul centered God-given life. It is a time for self-reflection and for giving yourself permission to view consciously what has gone on before in your world and become aware that you do have, not only the chance and the opportunity to change it, but the God given right to do so. This is not from someone in a position of authority and power outside of yourself to do this, but from your own Divinity, your own conscious choosing to do so. It is not only a privilege, but your right bestowed upon you from the higher realms in this lifetime, in this current age, which you who have worked for lifetimes to create, that you now are being invited to step forth and create the reality you desire on your own terms. Now is the time. The moment of transformation is upon you and, in fact, well under way. It is a time for the re-emergence of Spirit and of fulfilling the sweet tender longing which has been deep within your beings for a very long time.

That tenderness which has had to be so hidden, so protected, lest it be vanquished now will find its voice, its place, it is its day. Believe me when I say, that you all are Gods, for surely this is so. It is now time for the blinders to come off and for the eyes to see. For the sights that are to come forth are magnificent indeed. You must allow yourself and align yourself for the eyes to see however. You are the bridges of consciousness, the rainbow bridges of consciousness that are pulling up the vibration of the human consciousness upon this planet. You are the ones acting as transformers and translators of energy and you are doing a magnificent job.

The human DNA is changing to that of the crystalline or Christ consciousness. The crystalline matrix holds the vibration of inter-dimensionality and the coding or records of consciousness or the Akashic records as it were. The crystalline nature of the inter-dimensional DNA now coming online and becoming activated will allow the Akashic records to be more fully accessible for they are part of your physical-etheric-interdimensional beingness that is all merging into the ‘ONE’. Hear me when I say this that you are the Gods and Angels of the universe once in full connection, full awareness, and full alignment who have volunteered to fall into the densest of worlds so that by individual personal choice reunion or RE-UNI-ON(E) can occur.  It is to move beyond the negating of Oneness, the separation of consciousness, back to the re-establishment of the “I” and the One being the same, the unity consciousness.

It is time now for all beings to realize that the acceleration of consciousness is occurring like a giant snowball picking up speed. How easy or difficult this transformation comes about in your life, for it will, depends on your willingness to participate consciously in this transformational process. This participation is through intent and desire to do so. It is through aligning yourself with your soul and your soul’s purpose and aligning yourself with Divine Will as this one who is writing has done for she has felt stuck and stagnant for some time and was led to focus upon connecting with the energy, the force of Divine Will. It is a blessing to be the conduit for the higher consciousness to enter into the lower realms and transmute it. All will benefit this way. It is a great service not only to humanity but to Divinity itself. You are all honored, loved, cherished, and supported more than you can ever know. The time is now. The moment is now. For only the NOW exists.

I and my brothers and sisters of the ‘light’, are part of you. We are part of the fabric of your crystalline DNA consciousness. Call upon us. Use us. Allow us to be your foundation and your inspiration, that which assists you in accessing the temple of your soul. Your role is more profound than you think, not in the complexity of life, but in the simplicity of being truly who you are in love, in compassion, in honor and integrity. And how do you know you are these things? By the shift that happens when you consciously intend to be aligned with the temple of your soul in each moment. To consciously be aligned in all that you do with Divine Will, with Divine Purpose and Divine Love.  For then you will feel energy, a feeling of lightness, of peace, an upliftment, and perhaps insight or inspiration for that is the God within the most tender of places shining forth and speaking with you. It is with joy, compassion, humor, humility and love that we come to you for this is our reflection of you back to yourselves which you have called forth. It is who you are at the core, in those deep tender places. We are here to assist you in reflecting that to each other and back to us for in doing so we all return to unity for there is no separation.

So be it and so it is. Namaste

St. Germain and the Hosts of Heaven.

“All that I Am is the Great

Perfection  – and that is enough! “

~ From Anna, , the Voice of the Magdalenes

Magdalene Message - Dawning of the New Earth Cycle

December 22, 2012         

By Catherine Ann Clemett

Yesterday, Dec 21st 2012 the world did not end as many had predicted or feared, but is resurrecting. Just as Yeshua resurrected his body out of the human state into his cosmic self, so too are we as individuals, as a planet, as a solar system, as a galaxy and as a universe stepping over the threshold of how we've always thought ourselves to be into the revelation and remembrance of our cosmic beingness. Birth is now occurring.

Most of you are aware that you've chosen incarnation into this life and into this time period just to be part of this birth. So what does this mean?

That is what you, individually and collectively, are here to figure out. Although we will be in a transition period for quite some time, the playing field has changed. Gestation began 2000 years ago with the seeding of light as presented in Anna, the Voice of the Magdalene's book. Yeshua and the Magdalenes not only laid down a trail of light, but seeded the codes of the new earth and this new era into the genetic lineages of humanity, into the consciousness and into the very elements of our beloved planet, Mother Earth. You are here now because you are the carriers of these codes now awakening. The information and the records of how to move forward in this new energy are not to be found in the discovering of old texts, but in going within your own being for that is where the wisdom has been well hidden and well protected until now. You are the harvest of the seeding of light!

You are the ones holding the secrets, the blueprints and the plan for the new earth. You are the ones now awakening en mass, for you are the architects of the new earth. You each have your piece, your unique thread of this cosmic tapestry now rapidly unfolding.

So how do you move forward? By remembering who you are and the preciousness of your life. By bringing each day greater compassion and forgiveness to yourself for your shortcomings, your struggles and your challenges so that love can bloom within you and find its harvest. Each day by keeping in mind that you are like a rare book, holding treasures inside of you that will come to light in the most perfect way, in the most perfect time for you are co-creating the new earth.

As you go through your coming days be mindful of what you think, say and do. Are your actions, thoughts and words what you want to contribute to the new earth? It is not that you are expected to be perfect, but just to be more and more conscious of yourself as a master. The power and tools innately within as a multidimensional cosmic being, are now ready and waiting to come forth in this new energy and in your personal life. Know that you are creating the new earth through your intention, your focus and your desire. Encouragement and support is all around you and within you from the earth, from the heavenly realms and from all the inner dimensions for they cannot create the new earth without you.

As you move forward into this new earth era consider how how you can celebrate and give of your gifts each and every day. Consider how each day of the year can be like New Years day where you can hone your intentions, your desires and open up to the magic and the gifts of the universe available and waiting to be claimed by you. You are blessed, indeed!

Channeled Messages

Magdalene Message - Cosmic Timing the Larger Plan Unfolds

September, 2011         

By Catherine Ann Clemett

Have you ever had a goal, a project, or an intuitive hit of something you knew you were to do, however, when you tried to set it into motion it just felt like you were swimming upstream? First, there is always the question whether you are really supposed to be doing it. Once you ascertain that it is what you are being guided to do but it still is not falling together easily, that’s a clue that what you are endeavoring to do may be part of a larger picture occurring in cosmic time, not necessarily just in your own personal understanding of time. Sometimes the larger multidimensional part of us knows what’s happening but our personality self seems to be in the dark unable to perceive the larger cosmic plan at work.

For those of you who have read the Anna books (Anna, the Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong and Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes by Claire and myself), you've been introduced to the teachings of the Magdalenes. I have shared previously about Magdalene being an Order of Consciousness, not just the individual known as Mary Magdalene (click here to read about the Magdalene Order.)  The Essenes in Yeshua's (Jesus') time involved with the Christ drama were all part of the Magdalene Order. Many of you today, who are dedicated to anchoring the Divine Feminine and who acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life, are present-day Magdalenes although you may not have been aware of this until now.

I’ve known for a long time that I am to lead Magdalene workshops partly for the purpose of bringing people together who hold the Magdalene codes and information that is meant to come forth now. Early in 2011 I fully intended to start leading these workshops in different areas around the United States where people had expressed an interest in having me come however, when I put it out, a tidal wave of health, family, money and other challenges hit me preventing me from moving forward.

In August of 2011 on a trip to Los Angeles, Nevada and Utah, I experienced a synchronistic series of events – meeting new people, receiving information and downloads from various sources much of which came through a totally unexpected reading with a psychic, Mariangela Genevieve, in Virgin, Utah. In this reading the larger picture presented itself. I now know my inability to get anything going was a matter of understanding the cosmic timing – that of meeting certain individuals who had additional pieces of information which were needed for me to move forward. The events of August 2011 were reminiscent of the synchronicities that happened several years ago connecting me with Claire Heartsong in order to bring forth the sequel to her first book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.

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11/11/11  Lourdes, France Magdalene Grid Activation Message

You Magdalenes are the heart of my heart as is all of humanity. You are my precious gems of mobile nature and infinite reach conduits and mirrors of the great Source. Today my heart is awakened anew in oneness reflecting the 1:1 oneness in the sacred three (11/11/11), polarity unified in the Beloved.

The heart activation surrounding Lourdes brings the energy of the Holy Mother, the Magdalene to the hearts within all mankind, all animals, all fish, all insects, all minerals, all elements; all beings within and without – the grand mirrors of the ONE. This is the ancient wave of divine expression and experience carried in all three time-space continuums, anchored, reawakened and manifested once again. My deep gratitude to you my Beloveds for facilitating as the catalysts and awakeners for all of humanity. My heart is your heart. You have blessed my body and yours.


Mother Earth, the Magdalenes, and the Hosts of Heaven

11/15/11 St. Marie La Mer, France Message

Blessed are you Magdalenes who once again are awakening to your true nature and purpose.  You carry deep within you the codes of awakening to everlasting life – divinity remembered.  Your voices and your very presence weave the harmonies of the heavens with the melody of Mother Earth so that the song of Source emanating from within is heard and recognized by all once again.

You are keepers and conduits of this harmonic wave of response and remembrance. It is the pulse and the heartbeat of the Grail. Blessed are you the Magdalene ? of the Holy Grail who elicit the song of source once again so that all of this world and all within the universe my recognize and know themselves as ONE yet again. You are the catalysts, the awakeners, the harbingers. We honor you greatly for your dedicated souls, your pure hearts and your perseverance in this mighty work.


Mother Earth, The Magdalenes, and the Hosts of Heaven

10/5/12  Fortingall, Scotland Activation Message

You blessed souls, hearts of our one heart, have carried forth the codes of magic and mystery long forgotten and cast aside, onto your plane into resonance with the land, sky, the elements and the nature kingdoms once more. New awareness and pathways are now reawakened because of you. Your willingness and your presence have moved mountains of resistance of ignorance, despair and disconnection so that an order of balance is now restored upon your plane. You have been the conduits and midwives of a great Cosmic alignment, much more far reaching than you know. We honor, acknowledge and humbly bow before each of you in gratitude for the grand work that you have facilitated. We just want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate your dedication, your participation, your love and energy which has allowed this Fortingall Activation to take hold in a powerful way. Know we walk with you. We whisper to you and we sing of you in the heavens for you are so precious to us and to all life.


Adonai – the Magdalenes

10/20/12  Isle of Man Magdalene Grid Activation Message

We come from deep within your souls, deep within the Christ – Magdalene matrix so that new life, new ways and new understandings may blossom forth, for it is time. The blossoming is coming forth through you – you who have heard our call and responded to our plea. You are the harbingers of peace. You have willingly awakened the Christ - Magdalene matrix – the codes of oneness within you and within the land. We bless and honor each one of you for the grand awakening you have facilitated on the Isle of Man ushering forth the rise and resurgence of the divine masculine so that the divine bridegroom and the divine bride may now weave their sacred and blessed union within souls, within all hearts and within all kingdoms of the land.

Even though there may be turmoil and upheaval, know that this is part of the letting–go process releasing the old structures, conditions and energy that no longer serve so that new growth and inspiration may emerge more fully. You have all been instrumental in anchoring the paradigm for this new growth. Know that you are our very heart and soul. You are our extensions in physicality. You are our footsteps upon the sweet earth and our unified heart, collective mind and instrument of change upon your plane. There are no words that express how much we love and honor you for your service and commitment. We bless you this moment and into forever…   


The Magdalenes

11/11/14  The Ephesus Turkey Magdalene Grid Activation

Message from Mother Mary

Beloved strands of my heart for that is what you are. You each have come here either in your light bodies or your physical bodies to my home in Ephesus for I have invited you here. You are the ones who responded to the call. More were called but did not heed the signal.

This land of Turkey has seen much heartache and the land has suffered through many years of the patriarchal system. You have reconnected the Magdalene Grid lines allowing a deep, powerful and beautiful energy to be released. I, Mother Mary and the ancient ones from Turkey, would like to express our eternal gratitude for the Activation of the Magdalene Grid here. The sweetness felt for this energy reawakened along with what it did for Mother Earth, cannot be expressed through human words, only through light language. You have walked upon the land that I called sacred, where I chose to spend the last years of my life before my ascension. You came to pick up the codes and energy deeply embedded by me and my Magdalene brothers and sisters into the land here and the etheric planes both within and above the earth plane in this area now known to you as Turkey.  Your presence as Magdalenes and as strands of my heart has reawakened the energy of the Christ-Magdalene seeded in Ephesus so that all Magdalenes may once again bring forth the work of ushering in the new Earth which we Magdalene-Essenes seeded long ago. It is your turn now.


I, all the Magdalenes, the Councils of Light, and your own team of unseen assistance are with you every step of the way. We humbly are in gratitude to you for your willingness, your devotion and your dedication to serve the Mother/Father God. May your life and journeys in this world and this lifetime, be blessed. Go forth and be the inspiration to your upcoming generations just as we have been to generations for eons past. What you will do will influence mankind not only on this planet but into the far reaches of the galaxy. And you will be known in an even far greater way than we've been known. Go in peace. Go in love. Go united in the one heart of God/Goddess, all that is. I look forward to personally greeting you when you return home here to the 'other’ side' as you call it.  


Mother Mary and the Magdalenes

Other Channeled Messages

Magdalene Grid Activation Messages

The next section below are messages for participants in Magdalene Grid Activations which were received through Catherine Ann Clemett. Only some of the messages are included here. Other messages appear below that.

Israel Tour Oct-Nov 2017 Channeled Message

Beloved bearers of light for you are indeed magnificent carriers of the light as well as ones implementing the codes and formulas for personal and planetary transformation. As you all are aware, you were called for this assignment in Israel and we are most pleased to see how well you have endured and carried forth your dedication and perseverance despite some challenges indeed. Your presence in the Middle East, at this time, certainly was instrumental in bringing a greater alignment, harmony and union of the male/female principles within and a greater balance to the extreme polarities that have played out there for eons. Much more took place on multidimensional levels of consciousness and planetary imprints than you are currently aware of.

We see that each one of you experienced, in your own way, a great perspective on the limitations of attaching yourselves to what went on in the past for in most instances sites you visited couldn’t even be verified as being the true places that certain events occurred. This leaves you only with your own personal journey within which has always been the point. Allow yourselves to receive greater validation for your own journey, your own experience and your own knowing from your own Christ/Magdalene being, this has always been the teaching. Your presence in the Holy Land was not so much about what it could do for you, but what you, as the current embodied future selves of ones who lived there and walked there in times past, could now accomplish through walking in certain places and immersing yourselves in bodies of water igniting the codes and activations throughout the land which you left for your future selves to activate. This has been done. We are most pleased.

Always remember who you are as a Magdalene. Remember also how intimately entwined we are with each one of you through all of your joys and sorrows, triumphs and challenges for we are all the one heart of the Magdalene, the Unified Sacred Heart of divinity. We are so grateful to you for your willingness to assist, respond to the call, and show up in these momentous times of transformation. We are so blessed by your presence and service as is your beloved Mother Earth.


The Hosts of Heaven

(Including the Magdalenes, the Holy Family the Angelic Realms, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings. We are all One. We are all your family.)