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All of humanity, no matter what gender, race, religion, nationality, or culture, are being quickened from within.”

~ From Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother

Magdalene Grid Activation - Chaco Canyon, NM

Canceled / Activation Already Completed

Father Sky Embraces Mother Earth Tour 

Chaco Canyon Magdalene Grid Activation

June 17-25th, 2017   9 Days/8 Nights


Join us for an 9 days/8 night Chaco Canyon Magdalene Grid Activation. This Magdalene Grid Activation is part of the series of 17 global grid activations being activated between 11/11/11 and 2/22/22. Chaco Canyon a thousand years ago was the center of Anasazi (Navajo word meaning “ancient ones”) culture containing many large structures with multiple levels and surround Kivas, or ceremonial areas. Chaco Canyon was once a place of great magic and mystical power. Placement of the buildings mirrored the patterns of the cycles of the moon, sun and cardinal points. This, in a sense, was Father Sky imprinting on the earth a representation mirroring the order of the cosmos. The connection of the sun/moon depicted in the placement of the buildings demonstrated the serene order of the male/female seeding the harmonic balance of the male/female. Chaco Canyon corresponds to the body part of the feet, the grounding and anchoring of Father Sky deeply within Mother Earth bringing forth the male/female balance and also the balance of ‘as above, so below’ heaven and earth. This depiction of this cosmic representation could not be seen while standing on the ground, but could only be sensed in one’s mind while in the Kivas.

Chaco Canyon held the benevolence of the ‘Father” energy. This “Father” energy was not only powerful and strong here, but also a fierce support and protection of the feminine. Like other Magdalene grids, the grid here was gradually dismantled over time and shut down. This was shut down because of the impending sweep of consciousness and abuse of the magical skills by the out of balance male aspect without consideration of the sweet, gentle, nurturing aspects of Mother Earth. Re-awakening the Magdalene Grid here opens the grid lines once again to receive the benevolence of the male “Father” aspect that protects and honors the Mother. This opening supports the male aspect in being strong yet allows emotions to flow with love and light once more. He is the knight once again.  In full headdress he bows and honors the earth Mother remembering the reverence for the Goddess. Join us in re-awakening this powerful grid.

As a participant, you will be prepared to serve as a human acupuncture needle for this Planetary Grid Activation through:

Lodging will be in Albuquerque and Santa Fe with a day trip to Chaco Canyon to facilitate the Grid Activation. The tour will include:

Chaco Canyon Grid Activation Tour Fees:

Pay in Full/Chaco Canyon Magdalene Grid Activation Tour

(excludes airfare). $2695

Get discount if you pay the fee in full either online or mail a check

before May 6th, 2017. To get the discount during check out enter

promo code: Chaco

Non-Refundable Deposit/ Chaco Canyon Magdalene Grid

Activation Tour (see below for when balance is due)  $695

Balance Payment/Chaco Canyon Magdalene Grid

Activation Tour (Balance due on or before May 6th, 2017). $2000

Single Supplement Fee/Chaco Canyon - Father Sky

Embraces Mother Earth Tour ll lodging is double occupancy.

This additional fee is for having your own private room.


Check Payments:

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*Bank Transfers:

We accept payments from overseas participants by Bank Transfer.

Follow the instructions above for ‘check payments’  including clicking ‘check option’. Either email us at office@weavingthelight.com for the bank transfer information.

Tours Include:

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All Ground Transportation

All Breakfasts, 2 Dinners and High Tea

All tips

Tours Exclude:

Airfare (To and from Alberta, Canada)

Meals Not Mentioned Above

Personal Expenses and Beverages

Hotel Extras

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Although not mandatory, if you have not done so it is strongly suggested that you read the Anna books, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus and its sequel Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes to be best prepared to participate in this work. Find out more about them here.