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What Every Human Must KnowTo Survive & Thrive On Planet Earth

Printed Book Price: $15.95

In this book available in both the printed paperback version and digital eBook, world renowned metaphysical/spiritual author, Virginia Essene, shares important practical guidance from the heavenly realms. This guidance covers the major concepts essential for all of us to understand in order to make the smoothest and safest transition through the present “ascension-of-sorts” that the planet and all of humanity are undergoing right now. Guidance and suggestions in this book will help you move past your problems. so you can more fully share your divine gifts and get on with the work that you came here to do.

eBook Book Price: $14.95  Immediate download

By Virginia Essene

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Spirituality From the Inside Out

Initiation Into the Magdalene Mysteries

   Austin, TX - Sept 18th-19th,  2015

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Upcoming Grid Activations: Zion / Varanasi, India (2-part Grid Activation) - Chaco Canyon, NM -   Banff, Alberta, Canada -  Abadiania, Brazil -

Newly Added Locations: Thailand, Mongolian Desert, Iceland and South Africa

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Are you being called to participate?

Magdalene Grids are now to be re-activated in both individuals and in Mother Earth. 17 Global Grid Activation Points are to be activated and awakened between 11/11/11 and 12/22/22. Individuals who are now awakening to the understanding they are Magdalenes are being called forth as midwives to assist the activation of these Global Grid Points. Nine Grid Activations have already been facilitated. The remaining ones will be announced this fall of 2015.


Magdalene Grid Activations/Tours 2016 and Beyond

To Be Announced

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Many changes are in the works here at LightRiver Media. We recently incorporated under a new name, Weaving the Light LLC. Over the summer and fall of 2015 a new website is being developed as well as new workshops, programs, Grid Activations and products. If you are interested in receiving information regarding these changes please make sure you are signed up on the LightRiver Media mailing list. Link to sign up is above and left.

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

By Claire Heartsong

Price: $16.00

Digital versions are currently available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Click the links below.

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook

Journey with Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus, as she shares intimate details of her story and teachings which birthed a spiritual lineage that changed the world!

More Information Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes  By Claire Heartsong &  Catherine Ann Clemett  By Price: $18.00

Available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Click the links below.

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook

Continue the journey with Anna, the Holy Family and eighteen other Magdalene-Essenes as they carry their work forward into France and Britain after Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) resurrection. Secrets of Yeshua’s life are revealed along with detailed information on his descendents.

More Information Buy both books! Price: $30.00

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In Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother Catherine Ann assists readers to move past limitation and negativity in their lives to working with the healing and unifying principles of twin flame union to access their greater cosmic selves. Weaving the dynamics of the male and female principal, within, is ultimately every soul's journey back to wholeness.

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Twin Flame Union, the Ascension of St. Germain and Portia offers an expanded view and understanding of Twin Souls, Twin Flames, and the nature of soul mate relationships. The ultimate goal is the journey back into remembered wholeness - the Cosmic Union of Twin Flames. St. Germain and Portia illustrate this journey through accounts of their joint Twin-Flame ascension.

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This Oracle deck is a set of  44 cards and a guidebook, divination tools to help you enter into the sacred space within yourself. These cards can also help you connect with the mystical  marriage of divine feminine/divine masculine union; the path  of Oneness. More Information.

Price: $19.00 Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother Twin Flame Union, the Ascension of St. Germain and Portia (Print Version with Meditation CD) Price: $22.95 Blessings from the Heart of the Rose Oracle Deck By Sheila Murphy Price: $24.95