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to my website. Here I invite you to catalyze your spiritual awakening on deeper levels through the sharing of books and products either originally published, authored or co-authored by me, as well as workshops, tours, activations and other events.

This awakening of consciousness is  understanding you are a grand spiritual being who came to orchestrate making a difference on the planet through your human form. The  wisdom, information, books, events, and tours listed on this site carry “Codes of Light” to catalyze your further awakening into the true multi-dimensional being of light you are.

~ Catherine Ann


Anna and the Magdalenes

Re-awaken your connection to the ancient lineage of the Magdalenes currently embodied in spiritually awakening women and men. Allow the Magdalene Voices and transmissions of Codes of Light to speak directly to your heart through the following:

Accessing Your Multidimensional Self

Receive powerful energies and activations from the Councils of Light transmitted through physical, emotional and spiritual levels activating a remembrance of Oneness. Develop a greater relationship with your soul spirit, and I AM Presence. Free yourself from the constraints of religion shifting into a spiritual journey of greater light, love, peace and bliss embodied through your human form. Find inspiration, processes and guidance through the following:

The Shift of Consciousness

We are in the midst of huge planetary and personal frequency changes as consciousness is evolving from limited lower vibrational beliefs and states of being to a much higher vibrational consciousness which anchors, holds and expands a greater amount of ‘light’.


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Nisqually Glacier at Mount Rainier

Photo by Catherine Ann Clemett

Just as the mountain births new life, new streams of consciousness in every moment; so too are you being invited to expand into your innate Cosmic Beingness and do the same.

“Everything and everyone you experience in the world

is reflecting some aspect or facet of the One being,

One self, experienced uniquely through your particular lens.”

~ From Soulweaving, Return to the Heart of the Mother

Channeling/Healing Sessions with Catherine Ann

Catherine Ann is now offering private channeling/healing sessions in person, on the phone or through Skype. Sessions include channeling of the Hosts of Heaven often including members of the Holy Family and St. Germain. In addition healing is offered by the Councils of Light and your higher self working with you and Catherine Ann in uncovering limiting beliefs and fields of consciousness that are keeping you stuck in fear, pain or lower frequencies. You can find out more about these sessions at the link below: http://www.catherineannclemett.com/sessions.html

Available Now

The Anna Books are now being published through Hay House. Anna, Grandmother of Jesus is now available on Amazon here. Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes is now available on Amazon here.

Live Heaven on Earth

Keys to Unveiling Your Cosmic Being


Restore your inner biology so your cosmic being can emerge into its natural state of bliss, luminous light, heavenly music and higher vibration. Catherine Ann Clemett and Mahalia Michael assist you to shift more into your cosmic being through brain exercises and healing gifts of the light, sound and higher dimensional consciousness of the whales and dolphins deeply rooted in Divine Mother love. Click here for more information.

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